Bag was born in the spring of 1985 by Marc A. Gallo and Shaun Patrick Callen. It started out as a duo with a Commodore 64 controlling MIDI keyboards and drum machines. The group evolved into as many as eight members. One of the critical additions was Mary Hughes as singer. She and Marc created a rather electrifying performance on stage and off. This is certainly exemplified in their 1989 release “Happy Family”. Bag was described as theatrical rock. They incorporated costumes, dialogue and scenery in their shows. One of the their more memorable performances was at the Painted Bride in June 1989. Featuring an eight-piece band with horn section and backdrops depicting a kitchen, bedroom and living room, the audience was invited into the home of “The Bag Family”. There was Mr. Bag (Marc Gallo), Mary Bag (Mary Hughes) and their degenerate son Butch Bag (Shaun Patrick Callen) who had an anti-Bag band called “The Ants”. From dialogue to a full blown dancing troupe, the audience was highly amused and perhaps a bit confused. Riddled with technical problems (not unusual for a Bag show) and not exactly well rehearsed, the ambitiously visionary show was pulled off. But due to a plethora of circumstances, this version of Bag passed away in September 1989. Their commercial release “Happy Family” was not available until 1990. Yes, Bag reformed once again as a three-piece. You can audition the tracks below to get the aural essence of “The Bag Family”.

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Bag circa Summer 1988

Painted Bride Show
Philadelphia Daily News 6/12/89

Happy Family

Bag Live (3 piece) @ CBGBs NYC Spring 1991
Easter Day

Bag Live (Patrick & Marc) @ Bacchanal Philly Summer 1985
Tarac Wippp