no1uno was a studio project begun serendipitously in the summer of 1994. DMG Studio, located in Drexel Hill, PA, was the center of all creative, recording and mixing activity. There was never any intent for the group to perform live though if the opportunity presented itself we might have considered it. We simply wanted to exploit the technology at hand to create unique soundtracks. The soundtracks ranged from songs to soundscapes and even the occasional “ditty”. It was a rather synergistic effort by all three members whose names will remain anonymous (hence the name “no1uno”). Some of the material was written individually while others were written collectively. From 1994 to 1998, we produced two (2) CDs, no1uno and no1uno2 including the music video “Free”. no1uno did not garner much press coverage. It wasn’t due to lack of interest but simply lack of effort on the part of the members. So much time was placed on the creative end that the marketing side was consequently neglected. This was possibly the ultimate undoing of the project. So much time spent in the studio with no exposure made us feel like “what’s the point?” Nevertheless, you will find below selections to audition. If any of the material suits your liking, click on the order link to purchase yourself a copy.

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