TigerLily was a project that evolved from the song (appropriately named) “TigerLily”. Gallo had written the basic structure of the song and Jennifer Blakely spontaneously supplied the lyrics and vocals. The result was a rather sparse, ambient and romantic work. Gallo was at a point where he wanted to approach audio production as a minimalist. Basically, “less is more.” The previous work he had done was ambitious, highly orchestrated and dense. So this project was pleasantly refreshing. Jennifer had written “Mystery” but performed it with an acoustic guitar. She permitted Gallo to produce it with the same feel as “TigerLily”. He wrote the other two songs, “Love Calls” and “Tears Fall”. As soon as this project started, it ended. It was a “one shot deal”, where he found himself with a certain vibe and just ran with it.

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